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Licensed Psychologist

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At this time Dr. Tucker’s caseload is at capacity and we are not taking new clients at this time. We will update this page when that changes. Thank you for your understanding.

Overview: Dr. Tucker has been a licensed psychologist for over ten years (Licensed Psychologist: Colorado 3293). She graduated with a doctorate in psychology in 2006 from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. After completing a post-doctorate training in Maryland, she moved to Denver, Colorado. The path to recovery requires teamwork, hope, and access to care. If you have been struggling with anxiety, stress, trauma, depression and other signs and symptoms of mental illness know that recovery is possible. The focus of treatment is you, your health, your wellness and your goals. However, having an alley (friend, family, partner, etc.) can make a world of difference in your speed and sustainability of recovery. Dr. Tucker's passion is working with first responders, emergency service personnel, military and their families as well as healthcare workers impacted by COVID-19.

Treatment Approach

In her practice Dr. Tucker uses a variety of treatment interventions grounded in:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Positive Psychology

Insurance & Payment

Dr. Tucker is credentialled with most private insurance companies. In addition, she accepts Crime Victim's Compensation, Worker's Compensation, and Self Pay.

Sondermind: If you have private insurance and use Sondermind, check out my profile there to connect and schedule!